Goat Cheese

We love cheese and especially homemade goat cheese that we make from the milk of our very own goats.  The milk from our Nigerian Dwarf goats is so sweet and creamy and is 5-10% higher in butterfat than that of other breeds of dairy goats.  When making Chevre (French for goat) the cheese yield is about 2 1/2 lbs. of cheese from 4 qts. of milk, so we are able to make quite a bit of cheese from the milk that our goats provide.  Chevre, a soft cheese, is the easiest recipe to  make and the flavor possibilities are endless.  We have also made mozzarella and will start making some hard cheeses soon, hopefully starting with gouda.

Our Chevre was the First Place Blue Ribbon winner for goat cheese at the Maryland State Fair!                                                                                                                              Our herb Chevre, mixed with fresh dill and garlic also won First Place Blue Ribbon winner for goat Cheese at the Maryland State Fair!