Non GMO Feed

Ryndak Ridge Farm is happy to be able to supply you with all natural Non GMO feeds for all of your livestock and poultry needs.  Dawson Gap Naturals NON-GMO Premium Livestock Feeds are a NON GMO Project Verified feed that is tested and free from GMO’s, medications, pesticides and herbicidesContact us today for product information and pricing. Discounts available for bulk orders.  See our current Price list below.

Some feeds that we carry are:

Hen Scratch 8.5%, Chick Starter- 21%, Chicken Grower- 18%, Chicken Layer-17%, Non Soy Chicken Layer, Whole Grain Layer-16%, Duck Layer-16%, Duck Grower- 18%,Turkey Starter-26%, Turkey Grower-24%, Swine Grower-16%, Goat Feed-16%, Sheep Feed-16%, Calf Feed-18%,  Beef Feed-12%, Dairy Feed-16% (Winter), Horse Feed, Sunflower Seeds and so much more. See our Feed Labels for ingredients.

Also available are NON Soy chicken feeds, whole grains, custom mixed feeds and Fertrell Organic Minerals and Products. (1,000 lb minimum for custom formulated and mixed feeds)

We also offer Chaffhaye for your livestock.

Don’t see what you need?—-Call for other feeds not listed.